Winter skin care is different than other seasons

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Winter skin care is different than other seasons

Many people experience skin that is more dry or looks dull over the winter months.
There are a few contributing factors, not limited to the outside cold temperatures and the dry
inside climate.

Winter Skincare Tips

Winter is also the time to begin an aggressive regeneration process which in essence also
damages the skin to a degree. (on purpose) This process needs careful monitoring to keep a
healthy balance while seriously stimulating your skin to regenerate.
We advise that a special regime be implemented to get you the best results while maintaining
the integrity of your skin. – Ask about this if you are looking for maximum anti aging results.
You may find that you need to increase the intensity of your moisturizer and/or exfoliate a bit
more. Some of you may need serious changes to keep your skin in optimal condition.

Here are some tips

  1.  Switch to a cream or milk based cleanser – less drying
  2.  Use a gentle eco-friendly bead exfoliation product (synthetic beads are not encouraged) or
    AHA peel at least twice a week. (we keep ours in the shower so that it actually gets used)
  3.  Increase the hydration level in your moisturizer, at least for the evening
  4.  Use a leave on mask twice a week – wear it to bed. Look for hydrating masks with
    cucumber, green tea or aloe. For those with thick, weathered or oily skin you may prefer an
    AHA overnight mask.
  5.  Your hyaluronic acid production goes down in the winter, these molecules hold 1000X their
    weight in water. That means your skin’s plumpness and strength will decrease. A good
    topical will help. Ask your skin care practitioner if their product has long chain hyaluronic
    acid – that’s the one that matters the most!
  6.  As mentioned above, dry winter weather may lead to your skin requiring greater protection.
    A heavier moisturizer is a great addition for when you have outdoor activities or plain old
    dry skin.
  7.  If your skin is already sensitive to the drier weather a face specific skin balm will be your
    solution, especially when outdoors.
  8.  A monthly professional skin care treatment can really prevent long term damage. Dryness
    is one of the main causes of aged skin.
  9.  A skin care plan is also important as a professional can make sure that you are doing
    enough or not too much. We see clients do long term damage to their skin by following
    regimes that they believe are wonderful.

Aestheticians Specializing in Skincare

Remember, we/they specialize in healthy, good looking skin! Aestheticians who specialize in
skin care should be your first step to any skin concerns. We/they will refer you to a Doctor or
Dermatologist when needed. Many times, there is a simple change that you can take with your
diet or skin care regime to correct these issues. Immune system problems or sugar are a
common cause of many skin eruptions. (I will get into this more in depth in another blog.)
One last tip for happy, skin…
For those of you who are outdoors on the weekends, nourishment and repair is number one.
Do a home or professional “Facial Friday” to prepare your skin for the cold and or Monday to
repair wind damage or flakiness etc.

For those wanting to be party perfect for the weekends, do your home or professional facial on
Thursdays. Focus on brightening and hydration.
Doing a little more on a regular basis while focusing on seasonal skin care will pay off.
As I always say, “Prevention is always cheaper than correction!”

See our specials page for our solutions to the problems winter skin can trigger!

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