What kind of cellulite do you have?

What kind of cellulite do you have?

What kind of cellulite do you have?

Why do you have it?

We have answers!

Read on to distinguish the different types of cellulite and what you can do about it!

Depending on your type of cellulite, the ways to eliminate it are different! For that reason, you must know how to distinguish these different types of cellulite.

The 3 types of cellulite:

Soft cellulite

Most of the time, this cellulite is localized on the thighs, abdomen, buttocks and arms, and the soft cellulite is more apparent when lying down than when standing. The skin has a gelatinous appearance and is not painful when touched. It is often accompanied by varicose veins or spider veins. You will find that, as you walk or move, soft cellulite will also move. It has probably increased with age or weight gain, it is also aggravated by lack of muscle tone.

Odette’s advises:

To eliminate the soft cellulite, we advise you to eat healthier by avoiding foods high in fat, sugar and salt. Aggressively exfoliate to enhance circulation! Then, we recommend you exercise more! Walking, running, swimming or simply doing some fitness exercises at home will enable you to reduce the orange peel effect due to this type of cellulite. Be sure to know your blood type so you can be assured that you are actually eating foods that are healthy for YOU!

Edematous cellulite

The edematous cellulite often affects thighs and knees, but most frequently the lower legs, which lose definition. It is due to problems of poor circulation aggravated by significant fluid retention. The skin is often painful when touched. Heavy leg syndrome is usually associated with Edematous cellulite.

Odette’s advises:

Physical activity is key here as well. Your diet should contain diuretic foods such as celery, leek, green tea, aubergine, red berries, onion, cabbage, pineapple and pepper. Tight clothing that restricts the circulation is encouraging lower body problems. It is best to have no impression made in your skin with any clothing.

Hard cellulite

Localized on outer areas of the hips and thighs, the back and inside of the knees, the hard cellulite is hard and can be painful when touched. Also known as “solid cellulite” as this type of cellulite can be resistant to treatment. Early treatment is important! Like all cellulite, it can be due to a lack of physical exercise and being overweight or consuming the wrong foods for YOU.

Odette’s advises:

To eliminate this kind of cellulite, various solutions are possible: eating healthier, but also aggressively massaging the affected areas. Some cellulite treatments actually pound the tissue with a closed fist to break up the tight tissue bonds.

Generally speaking, all forms of cellulite can be due to being overweight and lack of physical activity. However, many “thin” people have cellulite.

We are seeing young, fit, teens with cellulite these days. Marathon runners can have cellulite. So, the real solution is what you put in your body in the first place.

We cannot stress enough that super foods are not good for everyone! Some people can’t digest avocado oil but they just don’t know it. Coconut oil is another big one that not everyone should be eating. Water consumption is super important so that your body can flush toxins from your body. Think of your water as cleansing and flushing your cells. Don’t drink tap water either if you can help it!

It is in your best interest, if you are serious about finally losing the cellulite, to take these points seriously and know your body’s needs. How do you know your needs?

We have spent the last 20 years working on clients, changing procedures, educating ourselves, seeing results improve, annually for our clients. With the team that we have in place today, we are getting clients better results than ever before! The best part is, along with losing the fat/cellulite, our clients have less arthritis and gut issues, fewer headaches, acne goes, and hormone concerns are alleviated. The list goes on!

At Odette’s, we have also seen great results with cellulite reduction with Endermologie. Endermologie was actually the first treatment recognized by the FDA for fat and cellulite treatments. It works by stretching the septa where the cellulite is stored and allowing the blood to reach the surface of the skin. In doing this the orange peel effect disappears.

All side effects of Endermologie are also health benefits. You will NEVER get this benefit from any other fat/cellulite treatment out there!

We offer free demo’s so don’t wait! Summer’s coming. 🙂

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