Endermologie Skin Rejuvenation, Cellulite & Fat Reduction

Endermologie Skin Rejuvenation, Cellulite & Fat Reduction

What is Endermologie?

  • Endermologie is a MEDICALLY accepted, non invasive, natural, mechanical stimulation treatment for face and body.
  • It is the world leader for cosmetic & therapeutic applications such as skin rejuvenation, cellulite and fat reduction, injury recovery and all over general health.
  • Recognized as the #1 most effective lymphatic drainage and fascia recovery treatments worldwide. Recommended by NFA for fibromyalgia.
Endermologie Applications
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100% natural Lip Augmentation!

  • Mechanical stimulation that works on a cellular level. This treatment is 100% natural with no injections, downtime or danger.
  • Increases your collagen and elastin production by 34% and your hyaluronic acid production by 84%. Hyaluronic acid causes plumping, as it holds 15000x it’s weight in water. Collagen holds 8x it’s weight in water.
It lends itself to a very natural and pretty lip augmentation where you will never get the duck look associated with repetitive use of fillers.
Here is what our Client’s are saying:
Hi there my name is Cai and I’m a 26 ye old female and I recently wanted to try some new things for my lips and I was going to get a regular set of injections which seems to be the norm these days but being a healthier lady I wanted to try an alternative! I searched high and low and found Odette’s laser skin wellness clinic in Winfield BC, by far the best choice I have made so far! It’s all natural and you see results instantly, well I did and they give you a small demo to even try it out! Can’t beat that! I have now had 5 treatments in total and I will be continuing for a little while to reach my desired look! 
I highly recommend it and the staff are very friendly! I can guarantee you will see natural nice results 😉 
Endermologie Applications

Therapeutic Treatments

  • fibromyalgia – approved by NFA*
  • fibrosis
  • scleroderma inflammation
  • neurological conditions affecting muscle tone, including stroke patients
  • arthritic and rheumatologic conditions
  • osteoarthritis
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • tendonitis, bursitis, frozen shoulder
  • muscle stiffness or chronic pain
  • edema (swelling), fluid retention, scarring from burns, grafts, surgeries etc; hypertrophic scarring stiffness
  • tired legs or muscular tension
  • venous insufficiencies
  • numbness
  • pre & post physical competition
  • pre & post operative (300% increase in lymphatic drainage)

Professional Medical Director Alana Hendrickson ND

Click here to download the results book
Cheloid / Hypertrophic

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