The Truth About Illness And How We Are Here To Help


The Truth About Illness And How We Are Here To Help

Genetics play a role in illness, but do you know that this can be very easily diverted?
Your lifestyle is the number one factor in good health.
The key to your health is your biological terrain. Whether genetically predisposed to many illnesses or not, if your biological terrain is in optimal health – you be too.

As you may know, we are so excited to have Sandra join our team. Even if you think you are in the best of health, it’s worth a conversation with her. Her knowledge is far beyond anyone that I have ever met in my 30 years of being in the health and beauty industry.

She may fine tune things like taking your supplements in the correct order, addressing whether some of them may be canceling another out, whether your body actually needs that specific supplement or is another brand or amount better for you? It’s actually endless and super helpful.

Our clients are learning so much from her and

we are honored to have her with us. I believe that her knowledge sets her far apart from any health coach, nutritional advisor etc. Her recommendations are true to your needs. Unlike MLM nutritional supplements, (there are many good ones), or drug store vitamins, it does not end there. Your body has so many more requirements and how do you really know what YOU need?

We actually take and recommend a few MLM products, we pick and choose the best of the best. We are not into the MLM business but we recognize the science and necessity of an untouchable product.The philosophy is really what’s the BEST product out there and let’s recommend it.

Just because you’ve read about the latest “must have” products does not actually mean you must have them, even if they seem to have all the answers you are looking for.

Sandra knows the body, and its’ systems so extremely well and with her Body Talk experience, she is super in tune with each person as she is working with them. Another great attribute that she brings to the table is her Body Talk treatments, which can help with physical, emotional or environmental distress.

for info on body talk – click here – (link)

Our live blood analysis is now also solely done by Sandra as I could never even scratch the surface of the recommendations she can offer. She has also taken Iridology, which interestingly aids in better dry blood analysis as the eye and the drop of blood superimpose on each other, giving both more legitimacy to the findings.

I really can’t say enough about what you will get out of an appointment with Sandra and urge you to come and see her.

We have added a clinic schedule to our website for your convenience so that you can easily see the dates that she is in the clinic. (Wednesday & Thursday)

Sandra’s services are: 1 hr. supplement/health consultation $50, Live Blood Analysis 1hr. $125, or both together $165 for a completely thorough evaluation.
Consultations are always free so feel free to contact us to book your appointment.


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