The Perils Of Summer and Your Skin

The Perils Of Summer and Your Skin

Sun and Your Skin

If you are like me, the summer takes a toll on me, entirely.

When not at work, I am outside every chance I get. I am not the sun seeker that I used to be but I still get my fair share of natural Okanagan Vitamin D.

Drinks around my pool after work are enjoyed often and with red and white wine both being beneficial to my A- blood type, my liver may appreciate a detox now and again. AND FYI liquor is not the only thing that taxes our liver.

As most of us enjoy the sun, we know first hand what a negative impact it has on the skin. Dead skin cells build up, creating a dull, tired complexion; throw in a few bevies on the patio dehydrating that tender tissue even more. Dining out or accommodating company may throw your usual way of eating out the window, causing bloating or worse digestive concerns. Sprains or other injuries could be slowing you down and hindering your active lifestyle.

There are a few solutions that we offer to our clients to address these concerns.

Before I break down the solutions that we offer I would just like to say that Endermolgie is your one-stop fix for EVERYTHING, including hangovers (so certain clients have mentioned).

We use Endermologie for chronic pain, sports injuries, migraines, IBS, face lifting and fat/cellulite reduction just to list a few. Literally, other than cancer and a few other conditions, Endermologie is your answer to everything. OK maybe not toenail fungus.

The breakdown:

Sunshine OD for the skin – Sunshine physically breaks down collagen on contact. Our live collagen treatments put healthy, live collagen back into the skin. Collagen holds 8 times its weight in water. Our live collagen is SO pure that it actually becomes part of your own living tissue! (as us how when you book your collagen treatment!)

Protect your collagen from the sun! – topical Vitamin C is specifically formulated to protect your collagen from environmental damage. We carry Rejudicare’s Vit. C as it is pharmaceutical strength AND contains 2 different Vit. C’s for better protection. Their Vit. C actually encapsulates each of your collagen molecules and protects it all day!

As far as your liver goes a little milk thistle over the summer is a fabulous way to support this hard working organ. Endermologie increases your lymphatic drainage by 300% for up to 4 hours. This aids your body in flushing toxins, allowing your liver and other organs to flush faster, making you feel lighter, with more energy. Some unsweetened cranberry and lemon is also always appreciated by your insides. 🙂

Lastly, Endermologie works wonders on any connective tissue stress or damage. We usually hear that relief is immediate. Sessions vary from 10-45 minutes depending on the area’s being treated. Motorized rollers move gently over the body, using negative pressure, we actually aerate the tissue. There is no pain involved with Endermologie as in most therapeutic massages or IMS etc. We see great results with inflammation, stiffness, healing speed, and general wellbeing.

Did I mention that we offer FREE demo’s and half price trial sessions of all of our Endermologie services?!

There is not enough time to talk about everything we do at the clinic but what I can say is we love sharing info! So please feel free to book a free consultation or just even give us a call. We have so many amazing solutions to not only your “summer” concerns but for every aspect of your health, beauty and wellbeing.

And OH, I forgot to mention DRINK YOUR WATER! Cheers, from Odette.
Consultations are always free so feel free to contact us to book your appointment.


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