Make This Your Final Diet or Weight Lose Solution

Weight Loss

Make This Your Final Diet or Weight Lose Solution

Is Your Diet Not Working For You?

You eat healthily, you are active, you take some supplements, you still have health issues or can’t lose weight. If you do lose weight with some diet, it comes back. Ever wonder why?

Our philosophy was always eating clean, drop the bad carbs, don’t drink too much alcohol and live a healthy lifestyle. Many of us follow this way of living and still have some excess cargo.

On the other hand, I also believed that it made sense that you eat as your ancestors did hundreds of years ago. It makes sense that Asian populations ate rice and less meat while Europeans at more meat etc. There was a study years ago where Eskimos became extremely ill when they were advised to eat the heart smart diet. WOW, they were all healthy, eating their traditional diet for centuries with no heart attacks and the government decides that they should stop? That eating all that fat is not good for their health? It’s like making your cat vegan!

I have recently learned that for most of the world, eating as your ancestors lost its merit hundreds of years ago. We have become such a diverse culture that we are no longer truly segregated cultures, biologically speaking.

Meanwhile, at the clinic, a few of our Endermologie clients were not losing the inches that we expected or that most of our clients enjoy. We expect an average of 10 inches lost over a few weeks.

Holistic Nutrition

I have a university certification in holistic nutrition and have had great success helping people change their lives with weight loss and emotional eating etc. We thought that we were giving the best advice possible with our eating equation: 50% veggies and fruit, 30-40% protein and the rest complex carbs.

We struggled with what to tell these clients. Somehow we heard about live blood analysis. I had mine done and was astounded at how bad my blood showed. I was feeling amazing, was at my optimal weight and had no ailments. What the blood test divulged was that I was eating the wrong proteins, wrong fats and it was taxing my liver and showing bowel toxicity. We started offering the live blood analysis service at the clinic and when we tested Savana’s blood, hers was worse than mine and she ate “healthier” than I had been! She made the recommended changes and visibly noticed her cellulite diminish.

Eat For Your Blood Type

I also started following the eat for your blood type and within weeks all of the concerns had disappeared and I lost a few inches. At that point, we started recommending the Eat for your Blood type to the Endermologie clients that were not seeing the results and ALL of them began to lose the inches that we knew was possible!

Eat Right for your blood type is well known and age-old, proven philosophy. As any “diet”, you will find the naysayers and those who live by it. We have seen clients stop eating the foods they are supposed to and their arthritis pain was gone, cellulite disappeared, migraines stopped. The list goes on…

I am not happy that we are better off following this way of eating but unfortunately, it has proven better than any other for your actual health concerns, weight loss and cellulite reduction. Fact: if you are an O blood type, cauliflower can give you cellulite!

Typically, Odette does not follow “diets” but this one seems to make sense on so many levels. You are told to eat chicken and not red meat, did you know chicken can cause major inflammation in some people? You are told to eat coconut oil and avocados, do you know what that may be doing to your arteries and liver? Just because it’s healthy for one doesn’t mean it’s healthy for another.

Some people may have food allergies, and for that reason, we urge making an appointment for allergy testing as there are many foods in the Blood Type Diet that you may be sensitive to.

Live Blood Analysis

Live blood analysis is the answer along with allergy testing to making permanent, educated diet decisions for you. Live blood analysis is the perfect internal selfie. It is 100% different than anything that you will get at a lab or the Naturopathic Dr… We can help you with making sure you are eating foods that you love while making sure you are taking the best care of your body. The abnormalities that show up in the live blood analysis are a sneak preview of what’s festering in your body and will become a health concern if not addressed. You can only see this to believe it.

If you have questions about how this can help you, please contact us!

It is so fulfilling to us to help our clients with their journey to a long and healthy life!

Consultations are always free so feel free to contact us to book your appointment.

Thank you


Consultations are always free so feel free to contact us to book your appointment.


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