Laser Treatment FAQ’s

Is there any downtime after being treated with lasers?
If Iʼve been out in the sun, use a tanning bed, or use sunless tanning products; can I be treated with a laser?
What causes bruising?
What is the difference between fine and coarse hair?
How many treatments are required?
What causes micro–crusting?
Is it necessary to smell hair burning when using the YAG?
Can the DCD cryogen cause cancer?
Does light activate the hair to grow?
Does shaving activate an anagen cycle?
Photosensitivity and Topical Meds: how long should medications and topicals be avoided prior to and after laser treatments?
How close to the eye can be treated?
How close to the eye can be treated with scleral/corneal shields?
What is a “good” topical anesthetic that works?
What drugs, other than Accutane, would interfere with laser treatments?
Can the laser light flashing trigger migraines?
How often should test spots be performed, and where do you place them?
Is there a limit of the total amount of treatments a patient can receive for a particular indication?
Can you do treatments for both hair reduction and wrinkle reduction the same day on the same area?
Is it okay if a patientʼs skin welts up during the treatment? What does this mean and what should be done if itʼs noticed?
When should a patient be retreated for hair reduction?
How long does it take for a hair to shed once it has been treated?
How deep does the laser penetrate into the skin?
Can you perform laser treatments and a chemical peel the same day?
Can you perform laser treatments and microdermabrasion on the same day?
How long should a patient wait before applying make up, deodorant, etc?
When treating legs for hair reduction, do they need to be cleanly shaven?
How long before and after should patients avoid sun exposure or tanning beds?
What should be applied to the skin post treatment?
Is it common for patients having laser hair reduction on the lower legs to encounter itching, swelling, red welts, etc? Is this an allergic reaction to the DCD cryogen?
When performing hair reduction treatments, why does it sometimes seem like a patientʼs hair is growing thicker for several weeks after the treatment?
How much hair will remain after completing a series of treatment? In other words, is there a guarantee?
What is the interval between laser treatments?
Why is there a need for multiple treatments?
What exactly is happening during the treatment?
Why are some lasers approved for some indications and other lasers approved for others?
What happens to the skin after treatment?
What are the potential side effects from using the laser?
How much hair will remain after completing a series of treatment? In other words, is there a guarantee?
Can patients who are taking antibiotics have laser treatments performed on them?
There are many medications that may cause photosensitivity; is this important for patients having laser treatments?
Is there a protocol when using lasers over injectable fillers?
How long does it take for hyper–pigmentation to resolve?
If a male patient is taking performance enhancers, will it have an impact on the efficacy of their treatments?
Can patients that are pregnant be treated with lasers?
What is the clinical endpoint for all procedures?

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