Kelowna Spa Massage

Kelowna Spa Massage

Swedish Massage

relax and unwind under our experienced hands. Gentle or frim pressure, your call. We always ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for!

30 min $50 1 hour $90

Sports Massage

Get the knots out! A firm and thorough massage to iron out the kinks. You won’t be disappointed by this invigorating experience.

Back Massage

Enjoy this massage with a facial, pedicure or just as a quick pick me up to just plain unwind!

30 min $35

Aromatherapy Massage

Take your massage to a whole new level with Aromatherapy. Customized blends to suit your senses and needs.

1 hour $105

Foot Massage

take a load off and unwind with our relaxing foot massage

Lymphatic Drainage

is a gentle massage based on the premise of encouraging the natural drainage of the lymph.  Lymph carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart which is then eliminated through the blood. 

We use Endermologie for superior lymphatic drainage. Traditional, manual lymphatic drainage provides up to a 34% increase, while Endermologie will increase drainage 300% for up to 4 hours!

Express session

10 mins     $40

Full Body Lymphatic/Therapeutic

this session is an all over therapeutic treatment where we aerate all tissues. Blood circulation also increases by 600%! Skin, fascia, muscles and ligaments are all gentle stretched, opening all pathways throughout the body.

This treatment is nothing like you’ve ever experienced. Call now to book your first session at 50% off!

This treatment is covered by extended medical with Naturopathic Coverage.

45 mins $160


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