Choosing a good type of laser and technician

Choosing a good type of laser and technician

The dilemma… what’s a good laser?

With so many new businesses out there and so much equipment in town how do you know which Laser or which business to use for best results?

Laser treatments for hyperpigmentation and hair removal are much more successful if we do them when there’s no danger of sun exposure to the skin before and after the treatments.
So, now’s the time BUT which laser is right for your needs and which business should you go with?
Let me explain the differences, then other than doing your research on who is experienced and right for you, you will be able to make an educated decision.

Laser or IPL?

True lasers are stand alone as are IPL – for different things. They are two completely different technologies. The key difference between the two treatments is that IPL uses a broad spectrum of high-intensity light, which is emitted at multiple wavelengths, whereas laser emits a single, focused and precise wavelength that’s specifically optimized for maximum follicle absorption among other specialized treatments.

Hair Removal

For best results for hair removal, lasers are the most effective and cost-efficient methods. The depth that the laser penetration dictates how successful the laser treatment will be for each need. The other important thing to consider is who makes the equipment. There are only a few world renowned technologies manufacturing world class lasers and all the rest are subpar.
It is important that you, as a consumer are aware so that you have the best and safest results possible. Experienced technicians are also very important for your success and your safety. It seems that every day there is a new company in the Okanagan offering “laser” treatments. As the consumer may not really know the difference between IPL, laser or any other light based technology out there it is hard to understand what you are actually getting. Some companies promote laser while they don’t have an actual laser.

You will also find that the better equipment, the higher the cost of the treatment. The price of a laser is over $100,000. IPL can be purchased for as low as $30,000. Like they say you pay what you get for.
Here is a brief rundown of some of the technologies that you may come across while shopping around for your treatments in the Okanagan.
Candela/Syneron, two of the worlds leading laser manufactures merged together providing the ultimate in technology combining. As far as hair removal goes, their YAG and Alex lasers are by far the most effective and advanced in the market today. This company also makes IPL and other technologies. Still, the lasers always surpass IPL’s for hair removal.
Usually more treatments are required with IPL and the percentage of permanent reduction is less.
Alma, Cutera, Light Sheer and Palomar are a few other proven companies, they also make many different devices

Do’s and Don’t of buying on ebay

Did you know that YOU can purchase a laser or IPL on Ebay? Many of these machines are made in China and come with a poorly translated manual. No professional training needed! How scary is that?! Any of these machines can produce 3rd degree burns in one seconucation is just as important as the machine.
I knew a lady in Mission BC, who had 5 machines made in China, purchased from Ebay. Her husband was a boat maker, HE was the technician. NO aesthetics or medical background. After some time, he had  many law suits against him from burning people and malpractice that he lost his boat making business. His also not experienced wife took over the practice! I can get you their number if you’d like to go there.

On that note, make sure your technician can actually explain the difference between these technologies, ask how long they have been in the industry and performing these treatments. They should be able to talk your ear off on this subject. They may also know what all other established businesses in town have and the difference between their equipment and their own. I will bet many don’t.
This is important as many machines penetrate different depths of the skin. Alex 755nm (light skin), and ndYAG 1064nm (dark skin) are the two best depths for hair removal. If the technology misses these depths, reduction is reduced as this is where most hair sits.

Hair Color makes a difference

The other common problem is that laser’s or any other technology do not target hair that is white, red, grey or blonde. Today there are companies out there that are saying that their technologies will eradicate any coloured hair. It is our understanding, after talking to piers, and educators that these modalities have not be around for long enough to actually prove this to be true.
We have also experienced, in our over 10 years in laser experience that the manufacturers of these machines will tell us anything to sell a machine. As the above technology is so new, there are no long-term results available. Buyer beware. If you have light coloured hair, it may be in your best interest to wait 5 years to put out any serious money for hair removal. If you get a Groupon or highly discounted series, give it a try. If the long term results are not there, you have not wasted your money.

Ask Questions

To summarize, learn about equipment, technologies and the technician performing your treatments and you will be happy with your hair free life! (only if you have pigment in your hair!)
Both those of you with questionable hair colour, know that the laser will eradicate anything it can see. Your reduction may be as little as 10%, could be up to 75%. For some of our clients, any reduction is better than none!

One last comment on safety: NO TANS, check your medications and supplements, as some may cause severe burn like reactions. I have a long time client who inexplicably burned, I had asked if she had sun exposure, any new medication or supplements. She said no to all. The next time I saw her, she had been burned. We could not figure out what happened. Then during our conversation, while I was treating her, she mentioned that she was on a juicing cleanse and was consuming a lot of celery. It was the celery that caused her to burn! It’s on our list of possible reactors. *We have this list if you would like to see it at any time. It is EXTREMELY uncommon to have a reaction, your technician should make asking you these questions their number one priority, EVERY time they see you. Be careful, be diligent in telling your provider of any changes in anything you are taking internally of even topically.

Happy lasering!

Consultations are always free so feel free to contact us to book your appointment.


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