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Weight Loss Health & Supplement Consultation

Sandra is a health and supplement consultant specializing in weight loss, digestive and hormonal issues. In these sessions Sandra will look into all aspects of your life including diet, emotions, personal history, family history, etc. and help you figure out what you can change in order to achieve weight loss, and how your diet and supplement consumption can influence motivation and weight loss. New scientific studies have proven that many mental illnesses can be improved by proper nutrition. We are here to help in any way we can.

Live Blood Analysis

Sandra is also a certified Live Blood Analysis Practitioner and Microscopy Specialist. Live blood analysis is the study of live blood at a microscopic level. During this procedure, the finger will be pricked, and one drop of blood will be placed on top of a glass microscope slide. Another slide is placed overtop of this to keep the blood from drying out, and to keep it alive. Once the slide is placed underneath the microscope, the blood cells tell the truth about your health! Sandra sees malformed shapes of blood cells, different abnormalities, or even parasites! As Sandra has worked at Nature’s Fare for over 20 years, and taken many courses on supplements that they have offered her, she has a plethora of information about health, and this allows her to make very educated recommendations as to what should be changed within one’s lifestyle. Dry blood analysis is also included in this appointment, and this allows Sandra to see the client’s health history, in essence, showing what your dietary habits have done to your body over time. The client leaves with a write up on what has been discussed during the session.


Lipomassage is an endermologie treatment that works to “detox” fat cells, help reduce cellulite and tighten skin. This treatment is completely non-invasive, and involves no pain or downtime. The machine rolls on the surface of your skin causing your adipocytes (fat cells) to be stimulated to work properly, which means to flush the toxins and fatty acids within the adipocyte more efficiently. Lipomassage is scientifically proven to increase your venous circulation by 600% and your lymphatic circulation by 300%, meaning this treatment helps with bad circulation, chronic pain, chronic headaches/migraines, etc. This treatment is only meant to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Adipoderm is a great addition to any weight loss program. It works to tighten skin, reduce fatty deposits, and reduce cellulite. This cream is created from a combination of effective essential oils that work together to detox and hydrate. The skin is tightened through hydration, and the fat cells are detoxed through lymphatic and venous circulation. This cream can be used daily topically, it can be wrapped (apply a generous amount to the area of concern, wrap in Saran wrap and leave on for 20 minutes, do this up to 3 times weekly), or, Adipoderm Body Treatments are available through Odette’s Clinic, in which the client receives an exfoliation, and is wrapped in this treatment cream for 20 minutes.

* Please note that this is a highly detoxifying and active treatment, and if feelings of upset stomach, headache, or nausea occur, reduce usage of product.
** May not be used in the facial area or over the thyroid

If any of these services interest you, or you would like to book a consultation, please call/email Jen at our front desk to book a consultation or for more information.

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