Sport and Pain Therapy Information

Sport/Pain Therapy


Endermotherapie by Endermologie is a sufficient treatment for any connective tissue

How does it work?
Muscles and fascia are rolled out with standardized mechanical manipulation. Unique
negative pressure action drains excess fluid allowing better mobility. The action softens
and reconditions the connective tissue leading to a greater range of motion.

Lactic acid is transported away, leaving supple muscles, which are oxygenated and with
heightened circulation for maximum performance.

Here at Odette’s Clinic we are providers for:
-Connective tissue rehabilitation (relieve and repair any pain related to the connective tissue)
-Fat and Cellulite reduction
-Lymphatic drainage massage
-Pre and post surgery
-Inflammatory and non inflammatory scars
-Skin tightening
-Tendonitis relief

Endermotherapie successfully addresses pathologies of connective tissue resulting from
disease, trauma, surgery or disabilities.

LPG’s Cellu M6 is used in hospitals in Europe and the USA to address connective tissue
recovery, chronic pain, improve mobility and general health, naturally.

-Alleviates DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)
-Optimizes muscular strength
-Improves exercise tolerance
-Reduces muscle fatigue
-Optimizes muscular strength and power
-Increases energy
-Has ability to produce & increase intense, explosive efforts
-Reduces fat & cellulite
-Effective in fluid & inflammation reduction
-Improves flexibility
-Improves cognitive memory
-Relieves IBS symptoms
-Whole body fascia release
-Firms loose skin

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