LumiLift Information

LumiLift Facial

LumiLift is a relaxing, light and microcurrent based facial which will give your skin a needed boost or drastically change your appearance. It will improve your complexion and texture along with lift muscle and increase collagen production by six times. Different than other treatments LumiLift targets all areas of the skin unlike otherʼs which deal with one condition at a time. A truly uplifting facial.

What to expect:
LumiLift is done in a series of 3-12 facials done a week apart. After three sessions one will notice the skin becoming more healthy and the texture and complexion will be improving. You can achieve a refreshed look or a total transformation. Target specific areas or the entire face.

LumiLift is one part of our exclusive facelifting package. Here are the recommended options for BEST results… We have discounted all add onʼs for additional savings.
Further savings for multiple add onʼs.



 Microdermabrasion – remove all dead layers of skin so that the LumiLift gels can penetrated deeper into your skin thus performing better. Also helps refreshen your complexion/texture faster. Use less moisturizer and makeup goes on nicer.
UltraSound – this modality vibrates the skin 2 million times per second allowing the Vitamin ACE gel to penetrate deep into the skin and is locked in where it can be most effective in nourishing the skin. Also “irons” out lines and smoothes skin.
Clayton Shagal Boosters – 99% pure medical grade collagen & elastin are applied under the lifting gels and throughout the session. Your skin is made of collagen & elastin and these boosters significantly enhance the procedure.

Full Face Collagen Mask – infuse moisture and collagen into the skin for plumping and ultimate hydration. Decrease redness, pigmentation, deep wrinkle. Visual improvement immediately……

 LumiFacial – an integral part of transformation. 2500 LED lights wrap around the face and declote. This procedure will decrease pigmentation and redness. It will transform the look of your skin and further increase collagen production.

Clayton Shagal take home products – from my experience this product is superior in achieving results. Utilizing the 99% pure medical grade collagen & elastin which penetrates as deep as an injection, it plumps and firms the skin like no other product that I have seen in 20 yrs. of being in this industry. I highly recommend adding at least these two gels to your facial regime.

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