rosacea and eczemia

LumiFacial for acne – hyperpigmentation- rosacea – photo aging

NASA developed technology

4 cell-specific wavelengths integrated into one panel:
Magenta (420 nanometers): improves the appearance of acne thanks to its purifying properties; killing the acne bacteria
Green (525 nanometers): reduces pigmentation from acne or sun damage
Yellow (590 nanometers): reduces redness and irritation by stimulating lymphatic circulation and accelerating the healing process by 50%
Red (640 nanometers): increases collagen production up to five times

-featuring light based collagen rebuilding, acne, rosacea, redness, hyperpigmentation &
photo aging treatments. 6-12 sessions spaced 2x weekly are required for effective
-professional products are mandatory for optimal results

Treatment enhancers
1) Mini microdermabrasion ~ gentle to extreme resurfacing
2) Ultrasound – penetration of vitamin A,C & E or whitening agents
3) Clayton Shagal lifting extracts, 99% pure collagen & elastin extracts forced into the deep layers of the skin. Boosts the skinʼs natural ability for incredible lifting, wrinkle reduction &
4) Deep cleansing, extractions and mask.

1) European Collagen face, lip, neck & eye treatment immediate lifting, plumping, fine lines & ultimate hydration
may purchase for home use also

$50 reg:$95

1) LumiLift ~ pulsed light based and microcurrent treatment lifts and tightens, softens & reduces lines and sagging skin. Why use invasive injectables when you can LumiLift?!

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