Info – Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis (LBA)


How it works: Blood is drawn from the clients finger, and placed under a microscope, nearly invisible micro organisms, red blood cells, white blood cells, and a host of other elements floating in the plasma in the blood are viewed.

This is a powerful way to assess the overall balance of the internal (pH) pool and the disease-causing factors in your body.

By viewing a drop of your own blood under a very powerful microscope (1000X) and comparing it to a healthy specimen, our trained analyst may alert you to any imbalance or disease-causing factors.  You have all new blood in your body every three to four months so upon following recommendations, you can change that picture quite rapidly and also feel the improvement. It will give you a feeling of empowerment seeing how you can change your own body.

Dry Blood Analysis (DBA, Oxidative Stress Test)


How it works: Similarly to the LBA, blood is drawn and placed under a microscope. However with DBA, the blood tested is dried prior to testing, this means the blood is no longer living. The different patterns and formations showing in the dry blood are an amazing wealth of information concerning the person’s health. Amazingly it can be read like a map pointing to different weakness and problems, such as, inflammation, issues with bowel and intestine, lack of mineral absorption and more.  While the Live Blood shows a more immediate picture, the dry blood test shows a more long-term picture and therefore the more long term damage as well as present conditions.


The cost for the Blood Analysis treatment is:

1 Hour (Basic) Live Blood Analysis (includes Dry Blood Analysis) – $120

Follow up (must be booked within 6- 12 weeks after initial test) – $60


**  Please do not eat or drink juice, tea or coffee, etc. for three to four hours prior to the consultation; drinking plenty of water is fine.

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