Tips to conquer facial/hormonal hair growth…

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Tips to conquer facial/hormonal hair growth…

Hormones are blamed for everything today. From acne to depression, weight gain, to hair growth. It’s a balancing act that never seems to stop wreaking havoc on our body and our minds.


As a laser and wellness clinic, we help people who struggle with these concerns.



A balanced body comes as a result of a balanced diet.

The modern diet we have all grown up eating has caused nothing but havoc with our health. Even “healthy” foods can cause disruptions in our hormones. The processed foods we consume are “enriched” with (USP) chemically synthetic vitamins. The food’s natural nutrients were killed during the processing of the food and limited because of the lack of nutrients in the soil, being picked green and so on.

It’s almost impossible to eat enough plant-based foods to get enough natural vitamins and minerals that your body needs to sustain optimal health.

The number of estrogenic toxins that are found in the cosmetics which we use daily (disrupt our reproductive, thyroid and endocrine systems) and the hormonal birth control pills that some of us take will also cause hormonal imbalances.

Our food is filled with hormones as well, such as what you’ll find in meat, dairy and even estrogenic toxins found in spinach, strawberries and sunflower seeds. Children are reaching puberty sooner and acne, asthma, and allergies are increasing in all ages annually, all because of the unneeded hormones and chemicals we’re consuming.

Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD), is caused by hormone imbalance and can lead to facial hair growth in women.

Along with the above-mentioned foods which cause hormonal imbalance, too much Omega-6 and not enough Omega-3 will also contribute to PCOS and other hormonal disruptions. It’s important that you eat a healthy balance of Food Form vitamins and minerals to avoid problems like this. An endocrine system modulator is also highly recommended.


Taking a holistic approach, by going through a process of detox and focussing on the intake of nutrition will not only help balance your hormones but increase your health in general (preventative medicine!). You must get to the root of these problems, which, as stated is a combination of incorrect diet (even if it’s healthy) and chemical use in the forms of birth control, cosmetics, toothpaste, sunscreen,  fragrances etc.

Big food contributors are soy, hormonal meat, and dairy.  By either eliminating meat (blood type A only) or switching to those that don’t contain hormones (read the packaging) and undergoing a full body detox to get rid of those harmful toxins that are causing an imbalance is super important.

Eat more nutritious foods, that contain a variety of vitamins and minerals — it must be a variety, or you risk causing further imbalance. Consider taking herbal remedies that can provide you with well-balanced nutrition, such as Irish moss, bladderwrack, moringa, hemp, and spirulina daily.


Eating more foods that will help drive down testosterone is highly recommended. Some of the foods you want to implement into your diet include flax, quinoa, hazelnut, bananas, raw plantain, garbanzo beans and hemp seed. Check your blood type as some of the recommended foods may not actually be beneficial to your blood type specifically.

There are also herbs available that can aid in modulating the female hormone system, these include Shatavari (asparagus), saw palmetto, white peony, calendula, lady’s mantle and chaste tree berry and optimally PLUS by Mannatech.

Apart from the dietary aspect of hormonal hair growth, many of our clients have loved the reduction in growth that we can achieve with laser hair removal. We advise coming in every 2 weeks for the first few weeks to get ahead of the hair growth cycle. After that once a month is usually sufficient to make significant improvements.

As our chin hair is extremely related to hormone fluctuations more treatments than usual (6-8 are usual),  may be required.

We offer our clients their first session at 50% off and we currently have a laser special of buy 4 get 2 free if you’d like to finally get a handle on annoying facial hair growth.

Take control of your health and hair growth! The hair growth is a pain but the effects of hormonal imbalance only spiral to more health issues.

A consultation or live blood analysis with Sandra or hormonal tests with Dr. Alana are a great place to really understand what’s going on inside your system.

Consultations are always free so feel free to contact us to give us a call. Check here for Special offers.


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