An Uplifting Experience For Your Breasts

Firm breasts

An Uplifting Experience For Your Breasts

If you are like most women, you have wished for larger, firmer or perkier breasts.  There are countless options online promising voluptuous bosoms.  As you may know, they work to a certain degree for a while, then cease to keep their word.

Most creams and supplements contain hormones to stimulate growth. While this seems to make sense because we develop breasts during puberty when our hormones are kicking in, what does not make sense today is adding hormones to our body when we may be already dealing with hormonal imbalances as we reach our 40’s.

Well, as usual, the Europeans have it figured out!  We have discovered 2, very effective and gentle treatments that can help perk things up.  Endermologie is what we specialize in at the clinic, what does this technology not do?!

Endermologie is medically recognized worldwide and has been successfully treating *4men and women for over 27 years. It’s scientifically proven to help prevent injury and aging and repair damaged connective tissue. ie: your breast.

Endermologie is also recognized for treating new or old scar tissue. We use it post breast reduction or augmentation to regenerate the tissue and inhibit the formation of scars.

It does not treat cancer, but we have other ideas for that. Endermologie does increase your collagen and elastin production by 34%, your hyaluronic acid production by 84% and can redensify tissue by 240%!!!!!!

Let me break that down for you: each collagen molecule in your body holds 8 x it’s weight in water, each hyaluronic acid molecule holds 1000 x it’s weight in water.

Do you get it? VOLUME!
Elastin gives the collagen structure, this means FIRMNESS!
At the same time Emdermologie tightens (connective) tissue to hold those suckers UP! Collagen and elastin are the 2 main proteins in connective tissue.

NEXT we have from Italy, BioTense Bust Lift, a beautiful treatment which not only leaves you feeling like a new woman but will also increase volume and firmness. With no hormones or animal products, parabins, or dangerous additives, this treatment delivers. We can even move fatty tissue from the back area into the bust!
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