The Absorbent Cost of Anti Aging – do you need it?

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The Absorbent Cost of Anti Aging – do you need it?

Anti Aging Costs Can Add Up

BOTOX $500
Filler $1000
Product $800
Peels $300
IPL $1000

Where does it end?

This list doesn’t even take into consideration all of the mainstream treatments that many men and women are bucking up for over a year.
How do you know what you really need? What you are just being sold by a good sales person or having it because your friends are?
I will break down what you may need and what works, where to put your money for the best bang for your buck.

#1 is home care. It’s ALWAYS cheaper than clinic/spa treatments.

Invest your money in 4 products: collagen, elastin, Vit. C and Retinol. I don’t mean from the drug store.
We have invested over 20 years testing products. You can be assured that we offer you the best quality of the above 4 products. They are all scientifically proven, not clinically validated, there is a huge difference.
We insist that our clients who purchase these products take a picture of their skin as in some cases we can see a good 10 years erase over the course of a few months. See image.

Home care is the foundation of any skin care treatments you get anywhere.

If you are looking for full wrinkle irradiation then injections are your only option. However, a face full of botox and fillers doesn’t look good if the skin itself is not in prime condition.
Even a facelift can look drab if the skin isn’t nourished.
IPL is great for hyperpigmentation and vascular lesions but in our experience is lacking in the skin tightening dept. IPL machines over $70000 provide far superior results than the $5000-$50000 machines. You hear me say this often, know your machines!
Thermage has good and bad reviews, so do most of the skin tightening modalities. Every person responds differently and as technicians, none of us can promise you a thing.

Going back to why proven product is a good investment!

At our clinic, if you are not getting the results that we know others are enjoying with our equipment, we offer extra sessions or try a different treatment as we do our utmost best to get you the results we expect.
Please always ask for before and after pics of clients before committing to thousands or even hundreds of dollars anywhere in town. You want to see their pictures, not manufacturer pictures. What is the least you can expect? What is the most you can expect?
I recently spoke to a new customer and she paid over $3000 for numerous melasma treatments.  It is still a problem and was not eradicated. It was a local medi spa Dr. who treated her. There is no need to spend that much money on melasma people!
Some professionals in this industry are truly in this for the money.

Our course of action goes like this:

if you are on a minimal budget, start with product regardless of your expectations.

– if you can afford a small series of treatments, make sure to do your research. Consultations should be free and make sure you are aware of the abilities of the machines you are interested in.

  • if you have enough money and are dedicated, home care can be extensive, it is worth your while to ramp it up at home with whatever you can afford.

(we see people spend a lot of money on injections but don’t look after their skin at all. Let us tell you, there are alternatives to injections!)

Put your money into the health of your skin, the results last longer than injections.

  • add recommended treatments as you can afford them. Do not commit to spending over $1000 without being 100% sure you know what you are getting!

Some of you may not actually be able to afford the $1000 and do it anyways and are unhappy with the results.
$1000 doesn’t get you far when it comes to corrective procedures so again, do your homework, get your consultations. Know the stats on the machines!
An important thing to remember is that with ILP, laser and other hot/cold face lifting modalities, you are ONLY increasing B collagen in the tissue. This is only one component of what your skin is made of and none of them help with your texture or complexion. Other mainstream machines that are promoted for correction only penetrate product. These have short lived results.
Investing in your anti aging regime is a complex endeavour. Even though you may feel you are in the best hands, I urge you to shop around. Shop for technician experience, knowledge and equipment quality. You may find the lesser expensive services indicate lower quality equipment.
We know the limitations and strengths of everything that we offer and have no problem referring you to someone else if we feel what we offer is not in your best interest. We refer to certain businesses in town who we know also have your best interests in mind and we know their machines.

Your money is important to you and we respect that, our philosophy is always to solve your concerns as inexpensively as possible.

Other than confusing you more, I hope you can use this information to help you make sense of your dollars and where to put them.

If you need help, we always happy to oblige! We offer monthly memberships and have packages for every budget. Odette specializes in making your free consultation end in wonderful results!
Consultations are always free so feel free to contact us to book your appointment.

Thank you


Consultations are always free so feel free to contact us to book your appointment.


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