5 natural tips to boost your immune system for the cold season

5 natural tips to boost your immune system for the cold season

Colds, Flu and Your Health

Soon we will start seeing everyone’s Facebook posts about how sick they are, that their kids are sick again, no one is getting any sleep and missing school and work. I say: stay healthy this winter with these simple tips!

At our house we may get the cold but it’s so mild and doesn’t set in. We have better things to do than succumb to colds and flu’s. I also get sinus infections if I take cold suppressants. I have had pneumonia once and was told I would be susceptible to it again if I got sick. I take my health seriously because of this.

So be proactive and make stay healthy next season.

Here are a few of our favourite recommendations:

1. Add vitamin C & D to your daily supplement regime.

2. We love itWorks’ greens, with over 30 super foods and all your daily green needs, this product has you covered. Kids love it and so will you! Berry and orange flavour.

3. One of our 2 favourite drinks: 1 slice lemon, 1 chunk of fresh ginger (size to your individual taste), 1/2 tsp raw apple cider vinegar, (optional cayenne pepper)  in 16oz of boiling water. Enjoy hot or cold.This is a cold kicker if you need one!

4. Ambrotose has been a staple in our house for over 20 years. A proprietary blend of Aloe which has been picked and processed within 20 mins. so it does not lose it’s healing enzymes. Is an immune system modulator, which can boost your immune system by 500% if needed and allows your body to lower it in the case of auto-immune conditions. 1/8-1/2 tsp per day is all you need!

5. “O’Tonic” is my signature juice for the winter months and the second juice. I basically took every food known to boost the immune system and put it in my Blendtec. Voila! Another recipe!  Vary the ingredients so you don’t get bored if you have to.

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