5 Kelowna Laser Hair Removal Must Knows

Kelowna Laser Hair Removal Tips

5 Kelowna Laser Hair Removal Must Knows

Effective Laser Hair Removal

With our February promotion being laser hair removal, I thought I’d share some information about it.
I know I keep saying this but – PLEASE make sure that the equipment that you get your treatments is actually a highly rated machine or you won’t be happy with your results.

1. Sun exposure with some lasers.

We are constantly reminding clients that they can have NO – that’s NO! suntan on their skin for best results and the safety of their treatment. The laser cannot see the difference between dark hair and dark skin. It will burn anything it sees! A YAG laser is safer for dark and tanned skin. You will not get the same permanent results from the YAG as you will from others which are better for light skin. It is in your best interest to NOT have a tan on your skin as you may require extra sessions to get the reduction with treatment using any laser or IPL.

2. How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions depends on the equipment, your hormones, and your age. Some lasers suggest that 6-8 sessions will be required to get the maximum reduction. IPL’s are usually about 8-12 sessions. The laser will kill 10-20% of hair at each session. This is determined by the number of hairs attached to the blood supply at the time of the treatment. Hormonal fluctuations can increase hair growth at any time so there is no insight as to whether this could interfere with the success of your hair reduction.

3. Do I need to come every 6 weeks?

Yes, for best results. When you come for your first session, any hair attached to the blood supply will be killed permanently. Your body typically grows body hair on a 6-week cycle. If you have your next session before or after the 6 week period, you will not have the maximum amount of hair attached to the blood supply.

4. Is laser safe when I am pregnant?

YES! Laser only penetrates into the skin. A doctor’s note is required but there are no dangers to having laser hair removal while pregnant.

5. Be aware that your supplements or medication may cause you to have a major reaction to laser treatments!

It is of utmost importance to always tell your technician if you are taking any new medication or supplements. We have seen burns on a client because they were doing a juicing cleanse with celery. If looking at having laser services done, you can look online at medication which causes photosensitivity. When treating a new client, we go over the list with you for your safety. We also use a lower setting for the initial treatment to ensure that your skin will respond without reaction. For subsequent sessions, we will turn the laser up according to your tolerance and your skin’s ability to handle the treatment.

There is much more to it on having a successful and safe laser hair removal experience but these are just a few of the most commonly asked questions. We do our part as technicians to make sure that you are safe and get the best results. We urge you to to do your part to ensure that you get the most benefit from the service and that you put your safety first!

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