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Lake Country Spa Manicures

Spa Manicure $45
Spa Manicure with gel $55
Spa Manicure Express $30
Spa Manicure Express with gel $45
Polish change $20
Gel polish $25
Lake Country french manicure

A manicure is a hands and fingernails beauty therapy which is best performed by seasoned professionals who are licensed to do it. These experts are usually referred to as nail technicians or the manicurists.

A healthy set of fingernails can tell people a lot about you, so it is really important that you always present the very best possible image. By indulging in regular manicures, you can ensure the general health and wellness of your hands and fingernails, as well as present a polished and professional appearance at all times. Believe it or not, this does not just apply to women, either. For that reason, more and more men are scheduling regular nail appointments to maintain healthy and neat fingernails.

There are many things to consider when you are choosing a style of a manicure. At first, you should learn that a manicure does not only give you a professional appearance also it is a therapy for both nails and hands. Where you have specific issues with your nails or hands, for an instance if they are dry, that is something that effect your choices. When it comes to the matter of nails, Odette & the Team manicures have various polish styles to guarantee that all clients get specific treatment for a particular needs.

Here are a few of the popular manicure option available for a customer to choose from:


1. Polish Change

For anyone who is receiving their first manicure, this is the safest option to choose. In this type of manicure, our skilled technicians define the shape of the nails, place a base coat, a polish color of your choice and a top coat.


2. French Manicure

This is one of the most popular manicures that women all over the world choose. The nail stylist applies a clear pale pink or beige polish on the nails with white polish to the tips. The end result is vibrant and can be worn for all occasions. It is one of the classiest techniques which gives women an effortlessly clean and beautiful look.


3. Reverse French Manicure

This type of a manicure became really popular in Europe and is now demanded all over the world. In this technique, the moon of the nail is painted a light colour while the rest of the nail is covered with a darker shade. Another way in which one can achieve the reverse French manicure is to try an all white nail with a strip of contrasting colour on the tip.


4. American Manicure

This is similar to a French manicure but the colour on the tips of the nails is usually shades of off-white colour. Also the nails are more rounded than those in a French manicure.


5.Gel Nails

Sophisticated and natural looking nails that outlast a basic polish. With nail extensions or your own natural length this product is strong and professional.


6.Manicure treatments

These therapists will provide you with a range of manicure services of your choice that are guaranteed to leave your hands looking and also feeling great. Whatever treatment you pick, be sure that you discuss your needs with a therapist and they will be happy to assist.

By opting for experienced spa manicures, you will be able to ensure that your nails remain healthy and do not develop any kind of dermatological problems like hard nails, brittle nails, ingrown nails or pale nails. It is said that good manicures ensure a good flow of blood to the nails. They also ensure that your nails remain strong and aren’t susceptible to any sort of breakage or damage. The best part is manicures that are done professionally leave your nails looking fresh, shiny and healthy.

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