Peels and Microdermabrasion for Face & Body

  • reduce fine lines and winkles
reduce fine lines and winkles

Peels and Microdermabrasion for Face & Body

Microdermabrasion and Peels consultations are always FREE! Superior products, equipment & experience with emphasis on safety, personalization and most importantly results, makes every facial truly fabulous and noticeably effective. Savana has oncology aesthetics training for those needing specialized care.”

We are an earth friendly & cruelty free clinic ♥

Peels and Exfoliation

Whether you are looking for correction or not, a good exfoliation regime will create healthier, stronger skin with a smooth, clear complexion.

For those looking for anti aging, now is the time for a series of treatments.

Here’s why:

  1. your skin does not shed dead cells as it did when in your 20’s
  2. accumulation of dead skin creates a crepy texture and fine lines
  3. your favourite products are wasted on dead skin & not penetrating as deeply as they could be
  4. your make up will go on better and have a smooth finish
  5. exfoliation encourages new cellular regeneration which is what anti aging is about

We have 4 very different methods of exfoliating options:

  • diamond tip microdermabrasion – gentle
  • crystal microdermabrasion – capable of deeper exfoliating
  • crystal free – for the body only, scars and stretch marks
  • AHA and AFA peels

AFA Peels

AFA’s are the world’s newest and safest peel technology in the world today!

With no visual peeling there is no downtime to these super effective peels.

The skin can take higher percentages of AFA’s than AHA’s or glycolics giving you better results without the stripping and peeling associated with traditional peels.

The AFA peel is a must try for everyone and does not cause photosensitivity.

Can be used on all skin types safely including sensitive and reactive.

AFA’s work with our skin’s normal moisturizing factor and are full of anti oxidants and amino acids for seriously  healthy and beautiful skin.

A series of 6 is recommended.  2, 20% 2, 30% and 2, 60%                  – $115 – $175


Clay Peels

This clay and AFA peel is especially designed for those with oily skin.

The bentonite clay is applied to absorb the oils from the pores and cleanse the skin of debris prior to the AFA application. A 25% AFA peel is then applied and rinsed off. This procedure works well as a stand alone treatment or for correction with a series. Spot treatments available for the chin, cheeks or forehead.

Don’t let poor skin bother you any longer!

 AHA and Glycolic Peels

Otherwise known as chemical peels, are plant derived acids, a single peel offers the skin a fresh, vibrant look.

Long term results are maximized with a combination of home care products and a series of professional peeling treatments. When added to a facial, an acid peel gives the skin an exfoliating boost and your at home facial products become more effective.

Glycolic acid is also recommended for the body when there is a concern of rough dry texture (dry bumps on upper arms) or discolouration.

Chemical peels are a good alternative to microdermabrasion if the skin cannot take a manual peel.

acne, anti-aging, dry, blotchy, bumpy, oily skin  – $89+

Diamond TIP or Crystal & Crystal Free Microdermabrasion

Significantly improve acne, fine lines and imperfections. Best when combined with glycolic peels and/or product penetration or light therapy. A series of treatments are most beneficial for excellent results. Skin feels and looks renewed immediately & flaws are eradicated.

This cosmetic “lunchtime” facial procedure is popular for it’s quick results. Like other spa procedures such as chemical peels or surgery options, it’s important to understand the different methods, as well as the limitations of the procedure. The procedure involves either diamond paddles or abrasive particulates to deeply exfoliate the skin.

It’s a good way to improve the freshness of skin, improve some sun damage, and remove superficial dead skin cells, but alone, for deeper wrinkles or scarring, it is best combined with our correcting skin care treatments.

Special settings for the eye & lip area.
A series of treatments can effectively treat scarring and stretch marks like no other.

*Please note for that any missed appointments or appointments with less than 24 hours notice for cancelation there will be a $20 fee applied to your next visit*



Our Rosacea treatment program consists of our LumiFacial: 100% natural, no pain treatment for healing and reducing inflammation and redness and live collagen & elastin penetration.

If condition is severe, we recommend an immune system modulator as rosacea is usually due to an over active immune system.

A series starts at $467


Our Acne treatment program consists of one or a combination of: LumiFacial (100% natural, no pain treatment for healing and reducing inflammation and redness lightening scarring) and live collagen & elastin penetration, AFA peels, microdermabrasion, ultrasound.

We guarantee that we have the most advanced acne program in the Okanagan. No harsh medications.

In most cases we recommend an endocrine system modulator as acne is derived from an imbalance there. Yes, food and other factors are involved, we will take all into consideration during a consultation.

A series starts at $467

We specialize in live collagen and all of our facials will increase your collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid levels.

Signature Anti Aging – $155 (1.5 hours)

minimize lines  •  promote rejuvenation  •  increase firmness

Experience our Live Collagen treatment. With collagen and elastin so pure that it is guaranteed to penetrate as deep as an injection. Your skin is made from collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, why not give back what your body is not producing properly. Scientifically proven to increase cellular hydration by 30% within one hour.


Luxurious Chocolate Facial – $145 (1.25 hours)

brighten complexion  •  dark circle treatment  •  energizes and refines

Relaxing and indulgent, this exquisite chocolate and coffee bean facial delivers superb results for most skin types including blemished or dry skin types. 100% delicious for your senses and your skin.

Bright Eye Facial – $45 (45 mins)

enhance eyes  •  diminish dark circles  •  amplify youthfulness

Treat the eye contour like it’s never been treated before! This treatment targets the eye contour for lifting and brightening to give a more youthful appearance.


For Men Facial – $145 (1.25 hours)

restore hydration  •  reduce aging signs  •  soften & clarify skin

Specifically designed for gentlemen, to strengthen, purify and hydrate the skin of the man who deserves to be reinvigorated and choses to take care of his skin.

Clayton Shagal’s exclusive gels provide the feeling of freshness with no residues that you are looking for!


Glow Facial – $145 (1.25 hours)

stimulates & refreshes skin  •  intensely hydrates  •  smoothes fine lines & wrinkles

To remove excess oils and impurities from your skin, promote skin vibrancy and clarity, ask for Clayton Shagal’s Glow Facial!

This treatment is characterized by the use of active scrubs and exfoliants allowing your skin to optimally receive nourishing ingredients.


Prestige Facial with Microdermabrasion – $155 (1.5 hours)

smooth skin  •  reduce photoaging  •  enhance complexion

M, improving complexion and softening. Add on a prestige facial complete with collagen and elastin in depth products for hydration, purifying, and anti-aging.

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