Veins, Milia, Skin Tags

We offer safe, non-invasive treatments using electo-coagulation which is specifically designed to target broken capillaries, milia, ruby points and skin tags.

Spider Veins

Prices: Skin Tags, Milia, Ruby Points & Vessels

Spider Veins are impossible to prevent but you can get rid of them and reduce the severity. Book your appointment today and then follow these suggestions:

  • Try adding more ginger, garlic and onions to your diet. They will break down the fibrin (protein) that collects around the vessel.
  • Also avoid hot to cold or cold to hot abrupt changes in room temp. Severe cases should cover their cheeks when going in or out of doors in winter.
  • ALWAYS cover your cheeks on the slopes!
  • Don’t use a gritty exfoliant. Glycolic is much more gentle on sensitive skin
15 minutes $75

1-3 treatments are required for permanent results.

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