Laser Treatments

GentleMax – the world’s gold standard for hair removal. Safe and effective for all skin types. We specialize in your comfort and safety and have been commended for our knowledge. This laser is approved by the FDA for the highest percentage of permanent hair reduction.

With our model you can be assured that the technology is as advanced as possible, allowing for greater control over each client’s needs. It is equipped with two lasers: the YAG and the Alex, each specializing in different modalities.

Our staff has extensive training ensuring the best laser experience for you.

We can offer something for every skin type with more convenience to the client. The GentleMAX delivers the most effective results with minimal risks.

Our laser effectively treats:

  • Unwanted hair
  • Facial and leg veins
  • Sun spots
  • Toe nail fungus
  • Laser skin tightening

Toe Nail Fungus
We treat Toe Nail Fungus safely and effectively. The NdYAG laser is used over 8 weeks. 4 Treatments required. $400 Total

*Please note for that any missed appointments or appointments with less than 24 hours notice for cancelation there will be a $20 fee applied to your next visit*


area 1 3 6
upper lip or chin $40 $114 $216
upper lip & chin $60 $171 $324
half face $99 $282.15 $534.60
full face $125 $356.25 $675
underarms $75 $185 $380
basic bikini $75 $213.75 $405
brazilian $95 $270.75 $513
bikini & underarm $140 $399 $756
brazilian & underarm $165 $470.25 $891
forearm $90 $256.50 $486
full arm $165 $470.25 $891
abdomen $85 $242.25 $459
navel $45 $128.25 $243
lower leg $185 $532.95 $1009.80
full leg $295 $840.75 $1593
inner thigh $85 $242.25 $459
Upkeep Brazilian $50 * Must be booked within 4 weeks of the previous Brazilian wax treatment


area 1 3 6
ears $40 $114 $216
nose $40 $114 $216
back neck $75 $213.75 $405
half face $100 $285 $540
half face & neck $145 $413.25 $783
forearms $140 $399 $756
shoulder & upper arm $150 $427.50 $810
full chest or back $225 $641.25 $1215
full chest & back $350 $997.50 $1890
full chest, back, upperarms $400 $1140 $2160
brozilian $125 $356.25 $675
brow wax $55


I have always had an issue with dark hair on my chin and neck and it’s bad. My grandmother had to shave her face daily and I had to do my spots daily or twice a day if I was going out. I was extremely self conscious and never ever wanted anyone to touch my face.

Now after 1 treatment I have seen such spectacular results I have gained a whole new life and feel a whole new opportunity in the dating world has arose. I’m not self conscious and I don’t need mounds of coverup to hide it.

I would recommend Odette to everyone I meet and she is so reasonably priced its wonderful!! Thank you Odette for changing my life and helping me find an entirely new outlook on life!!! You’re my Angel!!!

I have had several laser hair removal session at Odettes and I have to say I LOVE it! It is always very clean and comfortable, and Odette is great! I definitely encourage you to go to Odette’s and I am sure you won’t be disappointed. I have been to two other Kelowna laser clinics and neither had the comfortable feel that Odette’s does.
My appointment, as always was great and I was treated very nicely. Odette is very good at what she does and always very kind. Thank you for making my experience enjoyable.

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