LumiFacial – FDA approved acne treatments

LumiFacial® the world’s leading light therapy system. Treatment for uneven pigmentation, redness and wrinkles, etc.  All levels of acne. The LumiFacial targets common skin problems for face, body or hands, such as blemishes, redness, acne and acne scarring, sun damage and post surgery healing.

Acne Treatments

You  may require a combined  course of Soli-Tone 2500 treatments with either surface skin peels or microdermabrasion to ensure your receive rapid and intensive results. If you do require combination therapy, your therapist will assist you in planning and scheduling your individual course of treatments.

Take home professional products are highly recommended.

Consultation is free and takes about 15-20 min. Initial consultation may be done over the phone.

Generally, 6 to 10 treatments achieve optimal results.

The regular Soli-Tone treatment takes only 30 minutes. If combined with a facial procedure and mask application, the treatment will take one hour.

The NASA developed technology for growing vegetables in space was so successful that skin care companies now use it for facial treatments.

*Please note for that any missed appointments or appointments with less than 24 hours notice for cancelation there will be a $20 fee applied to your next visit*

The LumiFacial Panel has 8 programs, targeting:

  • Acne vulgaris
  • Acne with irritation
  • Pigmentation problems on fair skin
  • Pigmentation problems on darker skin
  • General redness
  • Redness flairs/rosacea
  • Photo-aging on fair skin
  • Photo-aging on darker skin


Session of 3 $254
Session of 6 $480
Session of 9 $680


I’ve had two visits to Odette’s Skin and Body Care. This woman is amazing and the equipment she has has made a huge impact on my skin in just 2 treatments. I normally glow red. I wouldn’t say it’s rosacea, just super sensitive skin that goes red immediately in the sun (not burn…more like a heat rash) or when I have a drink. Combine, I could stop traffic at an intersection if I have a drink while outside in the sun.

So Odette’s being doing this LumiFacial, Lumilift and Ultrasound on me. The treatments are super easy, you just lie on one of those super comfy, heated spa beds, put on the eye protection and have these different coloured led light cycles stimulate what you’re body does naturally. Totally non-invasion and very relaxing.

In just these two treatments my skin looks creamier, less red, less spider veiny and a whole lot cleaner. Even the black/white heads around my nose are completely gone. The lines on either side of my mouth are also much less defined – which takes a few years off my usually exhausted/aged look.

And if you’re a guy, there’s plenty for you too. In fact, Odette was telling me about one guy customer that had had the same treatments I’m getting right now. All his friends had their own ideas about why he looked so refreshed! Too funny!!!


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