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We customize every facial that we do to each client because we understand that no two people have the same concerns or conditions on their skin.

The product line we carry is Clayton Shagal; here’s why:

Clayton Shagal is revolutionary product line that contains the world’s only live molecules of Collagen and Elastin that can penetrate as deep as an injection (without the injection). The collagen and elastin penetrate so deeply because it is living, otherwise it would only sit on the surface of the skin, doing nothing to moisturize the layers below.

After the age of 25, collagen and elastin start to deteriorate and aging begins. We don’t notice at the time because we still have enough to maintain youthfulness… for awhile. When you use the deep penetrating Clayton-Shagal products, they function in the same way that your own body’s collagen and elastin would which brings back a youthful glow.

Clayton Shagal has one other star product, called Hyprocel. This product is an enhancer to the collagen and elastin. Once collagen and elastin have been restored within the skin, hyprocel can be used to strengthen the collagen and elastin proteins to be stronger, healthier and then actually multiply.

Clayton Shagal is a full skin care line, with products for every complexion. One interesting fact about this product line is that there is no toner. Many might think this is a flaw in the line, however this is because the creator of the line believes that toners are a money grab, because a good cleanser should balance the pH of the skin, which is what Clayton Shagal’s cleansers do.

Highly moisturizing and purifying masks are also included in the Clayton Shagal line. Our favourite Mokaccino Mud Mask (February’s special) is stimulating, purifying and very luxurious! Now, remember that no hydration is complete without exfoliation – we favour the bamboo and honey exfoliant which has a lovely aroma and is especially great for those pesky fine lines around your eyes.

While this Clayton Shagal is a fantastic skin care line, and our clients do see great results, sometimes further steps need to be taken when addressing skin care concerns. This is where luxury meets technology.

Endermologie is our best skin tightening technology. With no downtime, no pain, and immediate stimulation,  treatments can see a 34% increase of collagen and elastin production the first session. This occurs because the machines stimulate a cell called the fibroblast that produces collagen and elastin. Collagen has a component called hyaluronic acid. This acid holds 1500x it’s weight in water, making it a fantastic plumping agent. Endermologie also improves complexion by one level per treatment, this helps with brightening and evening out the tone. Fat reduction along the jawline is another side effect of Endermologie, the metabolism is increased, and toxins are removed when working towards this. Plumping gaunt cheeks by 240% is also achievable for those who lose tissue mass over the years.

A great add-on to Endermologie treatments, Lumilift by Soli-Tone lifts muscles. The Lumilift works by stimulating lymphatic drainage, then penetrating micro-electric currents through the skin to stimulate lifting in the muscles. An ultrasound gel is used so that there is no discomfort from the current. Following the current, there is a vibrating head that is massaged over the skin. Vibrating at 2 million times per second, you only feel a warm sensation. This smooths out fine lines, and penetrates any product that may be on the skin (an add on to this treatment is adding collagen and elastin serums to be penetrated).

Brown spots are usually a concern when it comes to anti-aging as well. These are one of the easiest things to treat. Though it may be slightly painful, it usually only takes one treatment, three would be maximum. This treatment is performed with the laser and specifically targets the the pigment in the skin. Once the pigment is targeted, the skin is killed and will turn darker brown and scar, and then after 14-21 days will fall off.
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