Odette’s AFA Peels

AFA Clay Peel-The “no downtime” peel with great results

What is the AFA Clay Peel?

The AFA Clay Peel is the newest and most revolutionary treatment in skin care. It’s remarkably effective, and only available through licensed professionals.
This peel is a simple, two-step, non-surgical procedure that will immediately create smoother, softer and younger-looking skin after the first visit. Unlike other peels, the AFA Clay Peel requires no recovery time. A series of 4 to 6 treatments is usually recommended.

What should be expected from the AFA Clay Peel?

The face is initially cleansed and dried. The AFA Clay Mask is applied with a thin coat and left on for approximately 5 minutes, and is gently removed with water. Next, the AFA Peel is applied in a thin layer and left on for 1-2 minutes. The Peel is then rinsed from the skin and the appropriate after care is supplied.
*For best results it is recommended to use the Clayton Shagal Collagen and Elastin products following this treatment.
• Greater moisture in your skin
• Tighter and toned skin
• Exfoliation without skin irritation
• Reduction of visible lines and wrinkles
• Improvement in sun-damaged areas
• Even skin texture
• Smoother and softer skin
• Better overall complexion
This peel is beneficial for all skin types, including all skin tones, age groups and genders.
• Clients using Accutane
• Rosacea

* Please note: The client should not use any exfoliating products (including retinols and Vitamin C) the evening before the procedure or the evening after the procedure.

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