BioTense Breast Lift by Odette’s Skincare and Laser

BioTense Breast Lift!

show your perfect silhouette

One of the greatest desires of the female remains the improvement of the bust and neckline, a fragile area which easily loses fullness and tone and requires targeted treatments, chosen according to specific needs.!

What are the main actions of the BioTense bust lift?

Targeted treatments work to:

  1. increase the volume of the breasts (natural dermal fillers)!
  2. increase the firmness of the breasts!
  3. increase the elasticity of the breasts!
  4. increase skin vitality!
  5. improve the appearance of stretch marks!

As there is a high concentration of many active ingredients, skin is stimulated quickly, and many clients notice a difference after one treatment. Products used during the treatment are high in vitamins, incredibly hydrating, contain hyaluronic acid, and increase collagen. These benefits will also help fight aging. Notice volume increase by 2cm per breast, +27% tone, and +15% elasticity.!
Odette’s Clinic has added a 10 minute Endermolift breast treatment to further enhance your results.!


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