Face Treatments

begin with an in depth analysis & skin care recommendations. Superior products, equipment & experience with emphasis on personalization and massage makes every facial truly fabulous and noticeably effective. Gentle extractions are performed as required

Glycolic Peels                    

Glycolic Acid is a plant derived acid, a single peel offers the skin a fresh, vibrant look. Long term results are maximized with a combination of home care products and a series of professional peeling treatments. When added to a facial, an acid peel gives the skin an exfoliating boost and your at home facial products become more effective. Glycolic acid is also recommended for the body when there is a concern of rough dry texture(dry bumps on upper arms) or discolouration.  

*A good alternative to microdermabrasion if the skin cannot take a manual peel*

  acne, anti-aging, dry, blotchy, bumpy, oily skin  


Diamond TIP or Crystal & 
Crystal Free Microdermabrasion

Significantly improve acne, fine lines and imperfections.

- best when combined with glycolic peels and/or product penetration or light therapy

A series of treatments are most beneficial for excellent results. Skin feels and looks renewed immediately & flaws are eradicated.
This cosmetic "lunchtime" facial procedure is popular for it's quick results. Like other spa procedures such as chemical peels or surgery options, it's important to understand the different methods, as well as the limitations of the procedure. The procedure involves either diamond paddles or abrasive particulates to deeply exfoliate the skin. It's a good way to improve the freshness of skin, improve some sun damage, and remove superficial dead skin cells, but alone, for deeper wrinkles or scarring, it is best combined with our Solitone correcting skin care treatments.

*Special settings for the eye & lip area.*

  •                                                       79.

A series of treatments can effectively treat scarring and stretch marks like no other.


  • Essential/Classic Facial - European                                                                                       75.
Full service facial, deep cleansing & relaxing.

  • Personalized Infusion Facial         95.
This treatment facial is designed to target specific concerns with the skin. Cleansing, exfoliation & massage. Galvanic or high frequency current allows active serums to penetrate through the intact skin for long lasting results. 

Tighten & firm, stimulate cell renewal, improve skin texture.

~ Deeply purify - control oil & sooth inflammation
~ Hydrate - intense moisture, improves fine lines 
~ Smokers/medication - even skin color, brighten                  

  • Odetteā€™s Signature Facial             130.

This treatment takes facials to the next level. A microdermabrasion-facial and glycolic acid peel loosen and remove dead skin cells. This double peel provides deeper exfoliation while stimulating collagen production, brightening and evening the skin texture. An Infusion Facial follows to treat the skin's specific conditions.   Experience the ultimate in skin regeneration/repair.

  • LumiFacial 
 redness, rosacea, sun damage, post surgery healing and acne

LumiFacialĀ® the world's leading light therapy system. Treatment for uneven pigmentation, redness and wrinkles, etc.  All levels of acne.

The NASA developed technology for growing vegetables in space was so successful that skin care companies now use it for facial treatments.

The LumiFacial Panel has 8 programs, targeting:

  • Acne vulgaris
  • Acne with irritation
  • Pigmentation problems on fair skin
  • Pigmentation problems on darker skin
  • General redness
  • Redness flairs/rosacea
  • Photo-aging on fair skin
  • Photo-aging on darker skin
     session of 3                                                 185.
     session of 6                                                 351.
     session of 9                                                498.

Body Treatments


Glycolic Polish                             

Finally, a body peel to address age-related skin conditions aggressively. Glycolic acid and our cosmeceutical products combine to revive your skin.  Exfoliation will continue for up to a week after treatment.
Delight in having smooth, hydrated skin day after day.


Body Microdermabrasion        

Three types of microdermabrasion are available to best address your specific concerns

whole body                                                        95.
arms & hands                                                    50.
(get rid of those bumpy upper arms) 
back                                                                     25.
decollote                                                             25.


Our backs never get the care they need...experience what a back facial can do for you.                               115.

- Cleansing, exfoliation, extractions & vigorous massage ready your skin for a treatment mask, leaving you soft & your muscles supple.     (acne treatment + 45.)                   

Bumps on Arms...Keratosis Pilaris

#1 try vitamin A... this condition may be due to a deficiency in your body... 

This skin condition causes acne-like bumps from a build up of keratin. It's most commonly found on the upper-arms, but it can also be plagued in such areas as the face, thighs, back, chest, and buttocks. 

A series of microdermabrasion and take home product will improve this condition.

Post operative healing after b

reast augmentation, lyposuction and face lifts.                                                 

Burns and redness caused by IPL or laser treatments.

speeds healing by 50%