Exfoliation – why and when

Benefits of Exfoliating Your Skin.

Why do we need to exfoliate our skin? With our skin’s metabolism slowing down every year, the dead skin cells pile up and cause our skin to look dull and crepy. Add environmental factors which cause damage to outer skin layers and bacteria settling into the inner skin layers, those should be enough reasons we need to exfoliate on a regular basis.
Exfoliation simply means the removal of the dead skin cells on the surface. It can be performed mechanically by using scrubs or chemically by using peels that contain acids that dissolve and remove the dead skin without over stimulating the tissue.
Skin cell regeneration slows down as we age which also means it’s slower to generate new skin cells. When old skin cells start to pile up on the surface of the skin, it leaves it looking dull, rough and dry.

The benefits of exfoliating regularly include:

•smoother skin (get rid of crepy skin) even around the eyes
•better product penetration (of your expensive creams)
•clear complexion
•strengthen skin – repair lipidic barrier
•makeup sits better on the surface without flaws
As we approach spring, followed by summer, it’s important to prepare your skin for the hot sun it has to endure. Clinical strength exfoliation helps prevent your skin from hyperpigmentation (where patches of skin can become dark).
If you have sensitive skin or severe acne you will want to come in and speak with us about the best method of exfoliation for your skin. For fairly normal skin, there’s a few exfoliation choices:
Microdermabrasion – well known for it’s quick results. Best when combined with glycolic or AFA peels and/or product penetration or light therapy. Microdermabrasion gives your skin a deep exfoliation, improves some sun damaged areas and removes superficial dead skin cells, leaving your skin so smooth.
AHA & glycoicl peels – aka chemical peels are plant derived acids that provide your skin with a fresh vibrant look. Long term results are maximized with a combination of home care products and ongoing treatments.
AFA Peels – these are the newest and safest peel on the market today. The skin can take higher percentages of AFA’s than AHA’s or glycolics, giving you better results without the stripping and peeling associated with traditional peels. They are also 100% sun safe!
After any exfoliating you do, it’s most important to hydrate your skin. Our product of choice is the Clayton Shagal line.
Clayton Shagal moisturizers have amino acids, peptides, hyaluronic acid, Matrixyl 3000 (world’s leading anti aging product), and ceramides all of which are all the buzz in the skin care world.
The best part is all of the moisturizers are used inside the eye contour, and one cream acts as your day cream and night cream. There is no need for an additional eye cream, lip cream etc… with this line. If you use the Clayton Shagal cleanser, you don’t need toner either because the cleanser leaves your skin in the correct pH. Another bonus! Our cleansers will never will strip your skin which is extremely important for anti aging and acne.



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