October Specials:

Laser Hair Removal:  

First-time clients get 50% off their first treatment.

Repair and Protect Facial:

A great option for the outdoor enthusiast! Includes exfoliation with AHA to remove dead skin that has accumulated on top of the skin, as well as a hydration treatment to add moisture for all skin types.

$49 … 20 mins

Extreme Hydration Facial:

For all skin types, this facial includes gentle exfoliation to improve complexion, hyaluronic acid treatment to improve moisture retention, and an extreme hydrating treatment.

$59 … 30 mins

Ultimate Regeneration Facial

This ultimately relaxing and regenerating facial includes a deep cleanse, triple exfoliation with brightening, collagen, and hyaluronic acid infusion, hydrating & firming mask to work your skin from all angles!

$156 … 1.25 hours

Rosacea Repair Facial

Calming, repairing and anti-aging with a light therapy treatment (not laser, so no pain!) Great for any sensitive skin type, but especially rosacea as the focus of this facial is calming and reducing redness.

$89 … 45 mins

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