Happy Holidays from Odettes Skin Care

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Eighth Day of Christmas! AFA chemical peels 25% off 20% AFA $86.25 reg. $115 30% AFA $112.50 reg. $150 60% AFA $131.25 reg. 175 Clay [...]

HO HO HO! Odettes Christmas List

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December Specials: 13 Days of Christmas: First Day of Christmas! Brow Wax & Tint $25 reg. $40 add lash tint $15 reg. $25   Second [...]

Choosing a good type of laser and technician

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The dilemma… what’s a good laser? With so many new businesses out there and so much equipment in town how do you know which Laser [...]

The Truth About Illness And How We Are Here To Help

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Genetics play a role in illness, but do you know that this can be very easily diverted? Your lifestyle is the number one factor to [...]

Winter skin care is different than other seasons

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Many people experience skin that is more dry or looks dull over the winter months. There are a few contributing factors, not limited to the [...]

An Uplifting Experience For Your Breasts

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If you are like most women, you have wished for larger, firmer or perkier breasts.  There are countless options on line promising voluptuous bosoms.  As [...]

The Perils Of Summer

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If you are like me, the summer takes a toll on me, entirely. When not at work, I am outside every chance I get. I [...]

What is toenail fungus and how can I treat it?!

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Believe it or not, toenail fungus is very common and begins as a white or yellow spot under the tip of fingernails or toenails. As [...]

Exfoliation – why and when.

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Why do we need to exfoliate our skin? With our skin's metabolism slowing down every year, the dead skin cells pile up and cause our [...]

Luxury meets technology

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...  in all Clayton Shagal Facials We customize every facial that we do to each client because we understand that no two people have the same [...]

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