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What is toenail fungus and how can I treat it?!

Believe it or not, toenail fungus is very common and begins as a white or yellow spot under the tip of fingernails or toenails. As [...]

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Exfoliation – why and when.

Why do we need to exfoliate our skin? With our skin's metabolism slowing down every year, the dead skin cells pile up and cause our [...]

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Luxury meets technology

...  in all Clayton Shagal Facials We customize every facial that we do to each client because we understand that no two people have the same [...]

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Pleasure without the Guilt!

Did you know that no two people have the same DNA? Yes, you probably did… well did you know that everyone’s skin is unique to [...]

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AFA Peels, improve the tone and texture of the skin

Before we get deeper into all the benefits of an AFA Peel, we thought we would tackle the simple question we hear to often; “Why [...]

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5 natural tips to boost your immune system for the cold season

Soon we will start seeing everyone's Facebook posts about how sick they are, that their kids are sick again, no one is getting any sleep [...]

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Does your health concern you? Are you frustrated with weight gain?

The health of North Americans is steadily declining despite the amount of money spent on health care, high-technology medicine, and educational efforts. Diabetes, cancer and [...]

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10 Reasons to use Odette’s as your skincare choice

We are so happy to finally be blogging! We always have so many great things to share and it’s far too much for a newsletter. [...]

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The Acne Puzzle.

If you’ve dealt with acne you understand how frustrating it can be. We have come to understand that acne is a puzzle in which some [...]

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